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  Step 1 -- Indentify your coins

The first step in learning your coin's value, of course, is to identify exactly what kind of coin you have.

With coin in hand, please compare it to the pictures below. When you find a picture that looks like your coin, simply click on the link beneath the picture and it will take you to Step 2 -- Denomination.

We strongly recommend that you use our specially designed Inventory Worksheet to help you record the information needed to accurately determine your coin's value. This interactive web form enables you easily to input all of the necessary information -- about mintage year, denomination, mint mark, and approximate grade -- that are crucial to determining coin values.

Then, with one click, you can email your information to us so that we can provide you with your free Coin Values Appraisal. You can also print the form and fax it to us, or simply keep it for your records.

U.S. Gold Coins

Below are the ten most common types of U.S. gold coins. If your gold coin does not look like one of these, please email Dana@amergold.com for more information


Saint-Gaudens gold coins

Saint-Gaudens gold coins

$3 gold coins

$3 gold coins


Indian gold coins

Indian gold coins   Indian gold coins


Stella gold coins

Stella gold coins


Liberty gold coins

Liberty gold coins   Liberty gold coins   Liberty gold coins   Liberty gold coins